Cons of Living in Miami

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of living in Miami. As you know, there is no such thing as a perfect place. Despite the many advantages, this sunny city has its disadvantages.


Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage for some people is the eternal summer, the humidity (in my opinion, this problem is hypertrophied), as well as the fear of hurricanes, which every now and then and hit Miami.

Problems with employment

Let me tell you right away: if you are on the lower rungs of the social ladder, it is better not to go to Miami. Relatively inexpensive real estate compared to some other U.S. metropolitan areas is offset by the difficulty of finding a job and lower wages. Unskilled and low-skilled jobs are much harder to find here than in New York and Los Angeles. In addition, many jobs in the hospitality, catering, and delivery industries require additional Spanish language skills.IT is relatively underdeveloped in Miami

Unfortunately, if you compare it to San Francisco, the IT sphere in Miami is not so much developed, and the salaries are much lower. The career opportunities are also much smaller, and the companies themselves are dozens of times smaller.

Every year the situation is improving, but Miami is still a long way from Austin or San Francisco.

The beautiful life is only in a certain part of Miami

Unfortunately, there are two completely opposite lifestyles in Miami. The first is the lifestyle you see on Instagram, on VKontakte. Expensive cars, fashionable houses, elaborate architecture and other trappings of a successful and luxurious life.

However, the exact opposite lifestyle is just a few miles away. Once you cross the railroad that divides Miami into two parts, you enter a totally uncomfortable place to live, with virtually no white people, a high crime rate, bad schools, and trash in the streets. However, most of the population lives there.

The environment itself is relaxing, there is no motivation to work

Due to the fact that there is not much work for the middle class and the lifestyle itself is very relaxing, in most cases, people earning, say, $2500 a month in Miami will be quite happy with their lives.

This amount covers basic expenses: renting a room, paying for a car loan or lease, insurance, and utilities. In most cases, residents will not seek to develop. Miami is not a city, at least for most people, where people come without money and become millionaires.

I vividly remember a time when I first came to Miami and started working as a busboy while moonlighting as an app tester remotely for a couple of hours a day. One day I realized that I didn’t care what month it was, January or March, Monday or Tuesday.

With the same view, the same climate, the same routine work, the boundaries of time just blur exactly in Miami.

Poorly developed public transportation

Unlike Russian cities and some American cities, public transportation is not very well developed. Buses run at long intervals, in many parts of Miami there are none, and where there are, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the bus stop in the heat or downpour, which is a rather dubious pleasure. This is not Moscow, where you can almost completely give up the car.

Spanish-speaking population

The downside for most people is that Spanish is the second official language in Miami and there is a large Hispanic population, mostly from Cuba.

After moving from Cuba, most people are left with the same mentality and habits that they had in their home country, which resembles ours. There is little corruption, relaxation, and not much desire to work hard, especially when they are paid by the hour and not by the amount of work.

Most of the stores or restaurants simply do not know English. This is an undoubted disadvantage, causing especially great anger among our compatriots in age, from whom I have repeatedly heard angry comments about the “Latinos who came here.

Low Driving Culture

Miami is a multicultural city, but much of the population is from Latin America, where the driving culture is quite low. It is very common to swerve from the far left lane to the far right lane to get off the highway, without turning signals.

There are a very large number of “illegal” handicap cards that allow you to park in the handicapped spots, which are the most convenient. Many times I noticed when I was working in a restaurant, how young guys, arriving in nice cars, park in handicapped spaces, putting fake “cards” that allow you to park, and when they leave, they just take them away.

There’s also a lot of drunk driving. If you are driving and not breaking the law, the risk of being stopped is minimal, and it is common for most people to get behind the wheel and drive after they have been drinking. On the roads, especially those with more powerful cars like to race or play “checkers” at night.


A very large selection and easy availability. I won’t go into too much detail, lest the article get blocked. But drugs are one of Miami’s ills.

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