Wellness & Lifestyle

Join One of Our Healthy Living Workshops or Events!
Open to the public

Our healthy living workshops and fun community events
help fulfill your emotional and social health
needs so you stay fit inside and out!

• Healthy Body Image and Self-Esteem
• Miami Make-Over Girls Night Out!
• Rock Your Happy Chemicals
• Spring Clean Your Diet Spring Detox
• Real Women Eat: Fuel Your Body for Energy, Beautiful Skin and Your Perfect Weight
• Understanding the Mind-Body Connection with the 7 Chakras
• The Amazing Healing Power of Essential Oils

• Guided Meditation Classes
• Member Holiday Cookie Swap
• Burlesque Workshop
• Getting What You Want: The 12 Spiritual Laws of Success
• Live Drumming Circle
• Kundalini Yoga and Restorative Yoga Flow
• Brain Fitness: Anti-Aging and Performance Hacks
• Awakening Your Divine Feminine: Cultivating Your Yin In a Yang World
• Forest Bathing & Qi Gong

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