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One-day VIP tour From Miami to Exuma Island

VIP tour From Miami to Exuma Island

Exuma is one of the 32 districts of the Bahamas and a 180-km-long archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, comprising more than 365 islands and reefs. The largest island is Great Exuma (60 km long with a total land area of 72 sq. km.). It is home to the archipelago’s largest city and administrative town – George Town, founded in 1793 and named after the British King George III.

Next to Greater Exuma is the island of Lesser Exuma. Previously the islands were connected by a ferry, later they were united by a bridge, which is still called “The Crossing”. The beach on Little Exuma Island is crossed by the Tropic of Cancer.

These places are a paradise for all water sports. Scuba diving enthusiasts will have a special pleasure. The islands are framed by coral reefs, and the exceptionally clear water, with almost year-round constant temperature, provides a riot of life. On the bottom of the sea you can find a large number of shipwrecks and aircraft and magnificent underwater canyons.

Many of the Exuma Islands are private. Some exist as chic, exclusive island resorts, while others serve as second homes to some Hollywood stars. Small Exuma Islands are owned by Nicolas Cage, David Copperfield, Johnny Depp, and Eddie Murphy, among others.

Helicopter Tour of Key West

Helicopter Tour of Key West

You will fly in a comfortable helicopter with an experienced professional and licensed pilot along the Miami coast to the very tip of the Florida mainland and then continue your breathtakingly beautiful voyage over the islands in the ocean separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. From a bird’s eye view, you will enjoy unforgettable views of the modern ocean circuit with motes and causeways through 42 islands to the last one, where it is only 90 miles to Cuba. The many islands in the ocean, the azure waters and sandy shores, the luxurious and ancient villas and buildings, the unique railroad built in the early 20th century by a railroad magnate will enchant your imagination about the state and wealth of spirit of this man.

During your journey by helicopter, you will land half way around one of the islands of the archipelago, right on the shore at the cafe-restaurant on the water, where you can have a delicious lunch and enjoy the views of the ocean from the shore, the cries of the gulls and the wingspan of pelicans, which fall in the water after their prey in front of your eyes. Here you can sometimes see under the pier huge predatory fish of human height, which are not afraid and are ready to eat the leftovers from your table.

Watching the sunset in Del Mar in a hot air balloon

sunset in Del Mar in a hot air balloon

Del Mar is a colorful and colorful city near Downtown San Diego on the Pacific Coast. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to watch the sunset in a hot air balloon operated by an experienced instructor in these fabulous surroundings. The breathtaking flight is enriched not only by the champagne on offer, but also by the scenic views of the green hills of the city and the Spanish-style white houses with red tile roofs and the unparalleled Pacific Ocean. You’ll almost touch the surface of the water as you fly over it, watching your reflection on the surface. It is at this moment you will feel a rush of energy with an inexpressible feeling of happiness!

Excursion to Billy Swamp Safari

Excursion to Billy Swamp Safari

Discover the diversity of unspoiled wilderness and get up close and personal with the amazing flora and fauna of Florida’s legendary Everglades National Park.

As you travel through the Everglades on a hovercraft, you’ll see snakes, turtles, birds, and the main inhabitants of the Everglades, the alligators, in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, it’s safe: your experienced driver easily enters the sharpest turns at any speed.

After the ride, you can visit the village of the colorful Seminole Indian tribe and learn about the peculiarities of their daily life.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, a buggy ride across the sands of the endless desert awaits. You will meet many local and exotic animals such as deer, antelope, bison and many others.

After the buggy ride, be sure to visit the exhibition of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes or go to the spectacular “alligator show” to take many interesting photos to remember.

Tour of the Everglades by Jeep

Tour of the Everglades by Jeep

The Everglades is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Florida. More than one million tourists visit the national park each year.

South Florida is the only place in the United States in a tropical climate zone, so there are animals and plants found nowhere else in the United States.

This unique Jeep tour of the Everglades is a journey into the heart of Big Cypress Nature Park and National Wildlife Refuge for an unforgettable adventure!

As you move past endless sword-grass prairies dotted with wooden decks, you’ll learn about Florida’s history and the creation of the unique glades that gave the park its name and originated three hundred million years ago. The guide will tell you about the park’s fascinating geology, flora and fauna and explain why the Everglades is one of only two world-famous wetlands and why the park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Ramsar Convention wetland, and an International Biosphere Reserve.

You’ll learn about the seven different ecosystems of the Everglades, which are connected by freshwater, are totally dependent on each other, and must interact with each other for the park’s flora and fauna to survive. Once we arrive at Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge, you’ll learn about the famous Cypress swamps and craggy pine forests and see firsthand how one ecosystem replaces another.

Buggy Adventures, Punta Cana

Buggy Adventures, Punta Cana

Travel through the remote grounds of northern Punta Cana, where you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery of palm trees, tobacco plantations and the Eastern Range. These narrow and isolated country roads provide the perfect opportunity to get a little wild! The views are great and you get to experience that off-road feeling. Taste local cocoa, coffee in a typical local ranch The first stop is at a strange ranch in the country, where you are introduced to local products such as cocoa, coffee, tobacco and green tea leaves, as well as the elixir of the Dominican aphrodisiac Mamajuana. Then you return to the action as you head to the next stop, a beautiful cave formation.

The best part is that this cave has a deep natural pool that is perfect for cooling off! Access to Macau Beach: considered one of the best beaches in the world! After visiting the hidden cave of the countryside, you will bounce back to the shores of the stunning Macau Beach. This amazing coastal stretch is one of the few remaining stretches of Punta Cana that is still wild and beautiful.

You’ll have time to enjoy the gorgeous palm trees and crystal clear water of this spectacular Caribbean beach before returning Trip the remote countryside of northern Punta Cana, where you’ll enjoy a beautiful landscape of palm trees, tobacco plantations and views from the East Ridge. These narrow and isolated country roads provide a wonderful opportunity to get a little wild! The scenery is delightful and you can enjoy it while driving off-road.

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