Get To Know Our Peeps!

Amy Fournier

Amy is a former People Pleaser turned Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur

She specializes in ENERGY, mind-body wellness, physical and emotional fitness, natural health and beauty from the inside out. Amy is the Founder of Miami Fitness & Lifestyle® located in North Andover, Massachusetts which is a unique fusion of specialty fitness classes with community and fun for women.

Amy considers herself to be a student of life and a work in progress. She is also an artist, author, workshop presenter, International Fitness Cover Model, dance/fitness/yoga instructor, philanthropist, friend, daughter and lucky Mom to cute little fur-baby, Charlotte.:)

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Caryn DeCarteret

Caryn is the Club Manager at Miami Fitness & Lifestyle and currently teaches Zumba, Barre, Booty Bootcamp and Pilates. She is a married mother of three. After finding camaraderie, encouragement and support in various group X classes and especially within the ZUMBA community, she decided to become a group X instructor to help inspire others to reach their fitness, wellness and health goals.

Caryn thinks people would be surprised to know that she’s actually an introvert and she loves being home and cuddling on the couch, sleeping in, staying in her PJ’s all day baking! She loves all pastels, (“probably because they remind me of spring which I LOVE!”) and if she had to pick one color it would be pink. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman which she has loved her since she was very young. Favorite kids’ book: Harry Potter! She has read the entire series at least 5 times, always looks forward to Harry Potter weekends and is still waiting for her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts!

Kelly Almond

Kelly started ballroom dancing in college after deciding she really wanted to learn the Lindy swing. Who wouldn’t want to be thrown up and around in the air? Unfortunately, her college didn’t teach that, but it did have a ballroom dance team. Within two months, she was competing in her first competition. She got into zumba at her local gym but knew that if she ever wanted to teach something, she wanted it to have a ballroom twist. Enter LaBlast. In Feb 2017, she was introduced to LaBlast, a dance fitness program based off of all the dances you’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars and created by 3-time World Champion ballroom dancer, Louis van Amstel. It was love after the first cha cha. She became a certified instructor and that was that. When not teaching LaBlast or competing, Kelly enjoys spending time with her big puppy, Sampson (he’s 120 lbs!)

Joy Augugliaro

Joy’s most proud moment was watching her daughter walk across the stage to accept her college diploma. Her favorite color is black, and her favorite children’s book is The Giving Tree.

Lynne Avallone

Lynne Avallone is a native to the area, with an initial background in aesthetics. For over 25 years Lynne has been a makeup artist and skin care specialists and now with us as a yoga teacher! Lynne’s journey with yoga began about 18 years ago. Through the practice of yoga she was able to connect with her divine self, which made her want to teach. She desired to help others unlock their true nature and find fulfillment in daily life. This lead to Lynne getting certified at Sacred Movement Yoga in Ogunquit, Maine by Kristine Hupp. Her style is a yoga fusion, mixing Kundalini in with Vinyasa flow along with some core and strength poses. Lynne is also certified in Reiki. While visiting her daughter in New York City she enjoys free time by taking different yoga classes and is excited to share her experiences with all of you. She is ecstatic about being part of Miami Fitness & Lifestyle and says “Without yoga, I would never have learned how to breathe…”

Lynne’s most proud moment was when daughter came into her life the day she was born! Also, being with her four sisters as all five of them honored their parents at their wakes and funerals made her very proud, because it was sad, but proud of them for the amazing parents that they both were. (She cried when she wrote this)!! Something people would be surprised to know about her is that shewoke up one night as a child and was having an asthma attack! From that time on, she was a sickly, allergic-to-everything kid! She spent so much time sneezing wheezing and getting allergy shots! It all worked out, though, she is good now!

Lynne actually has a lot of nicknames according to who you ask. her man, Steve, calls her Ellie, Stella, Farrah, Delilah, Marietta, Ariel, and May..(“I think that’s it,” she says!) Some friends call her Lynnie. Amy calls her PIC, and her sisters call her Captain Wee or Lina. And her dad called her his puppy doll. 🙂

The superhero Lynne most identifies with is “..hmmm, maybe a famous witch… like as in a good one, like a green witch. Or Superwoman for obvious reasons!” Her favorite kids’ book, while she has “so many memories of reading wonderful stories,” is Stellaluna. Her dream magic power is “transportation for sure! I would go see my daughter in Austria every day!! And other cool places..”

Lynne’s advice to everyone is, “be happy, take care of yourself and the rest will follow.”

Alexandra Barker

Originally from Brazil, Alexandra began her dance training in 1985 at her home country where she was part of a dance group for 15 years. Her dance training includes jazz, ballet, tap, belly dancing, African and Latin rhythms such as samba, forro, axe, salsa, merengue, bachata and more. Alexandra is currently an instructor for Caribbean Rhythm and Water in Motion. Alexandra is a Caribbean Rhythm, Zumba, and Water In Motion Licensed instructor.

Alexandra’s favorite color is blue. People would be surprised to know that she is a public speaker for the federal government. She conducts presentations about federal stats several times every month. She doesn’t identify with a superhero, but she identifies with Tinker Bell because she is curious, creative, stubborn, jealous, passionate. Alexandra’s proudest moment is every time she stands up to people who discriminate against her and others.

Diane Bonanno

Diane’s proudest moment was giving birth to each of her three children. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite kids’ book is Goodnight Moon.

Courtney Connors

Courtney is passionate about sharing her love of dance and music with others. In fact, she likes to say that one of the best days of her life was the day she was asked to teach a dance fitness class at Miami Fitness & Lifestyle. To her, the smile on a student’s face at the end of a class makes teaching the best experience each and every time. Courtney strives to make each person feel as confident and sexy inside as they look on the outside during class. She can’t wait for the opportunity to help guide YOU in exuding your inner pizzazz on the outside. So step out of your comfort zone and let Courtney help you live life like the party it is!

Something people would be surprised to know about Courtney is that she is an avid snowmobiler, ATVer, and boater. Her nickname is Court! The superhero she most identifies with is Marilyn Monroe. 🙂 Courtney has two pugs named Coconut and Moose. Her favorite thing to do is laugh!

Krista Connors

Krista is a North Andover native. She has always had a love for dance and music starting from the young age of 5 where she went on to participate in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet and toe. As she got older, her diverse interest in music grew and she became a huge fan of country music and the lifestyle. She started riding horses at the age of 7 and had her equestrian license to teach by 16. On the weekends she would attend country line dancing events and even toured with Teen Country as they toured and danced throughout New England. Her love for country and dancing stayed strong and Krista became a Beachbody instructor of Country Heat.

Krista’s nickname is “Special K.” Her favorite color is emerald green. Something people would be surprised to know about Krista is that she knows how to Cajun and zydeco dance!

Brooke DeCarteret

Brooke’s favorite color would have to be pink because of how bright and pretty it is! A superhero she identifies with is batgirl! Brooke’s all-time favorite movie is either Home Alone 2, or Miss Congeniality. People would be surprised to know that she has been water skiing since I was two years old. Her proudest moment was when she made the UMass Lowell Dance Team!

Gina Denton

Gina entered the dance fitness world in 2013 after several personal challenges resulted in depression and weight gain. Her passion is dance fitness and she is currently licensed in Zumba and Zumba Toning, as well as certified in MiXXedFit dance fitness formats. Additional experience and training with Hip Hop, Tap and other traditional dance formats make variety, energy, fun, and confidence the hallmark of her classes.

She always tends to say her favorite color is purple, but in truth, it’s blue. She loves any shade of blue… from cerulean to turquoise to Oxford! She’s had a few nicknames, but people usually just call her “G.” Before she was married, GMo was popular, but Jennifer Lopez stole Gina’s gig and now it’s hers. 😉 Gina’s favorite kids’ book is Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola. It was her favorite as a girl, she’s read it to her younger sister, and now her son. The entire series about the Grandma Witch and her ability to feed an entire village with an empty pasta pot are very familiar!

Casey Deschene

Casey has always been an active person, constantly finding new ways to challenge herself. This included picking up skateboarding in her early 20s, eventually resulting in a torn ACL and meniscus. She found yoga in order to ease back into movement and regain strength and mobility. A debilitating and devastating injury turned into a life changing gift in disguise. The flow, the music, and the challenge initially attracted her to the practice, the peace of mind and fresh perspective kept her coming back. In her teaching, Casey seeks to create a safe space for growth, encouraging yogis to find their limits and push past what they thought was possible. Yoga provides an opportunity to break things down and be more mindful, not only on the mat but in all areas of life. With dedication, the practice can open up so many more opportunities. Casey has learned to have patience with herself and has gained a much greater appreciation for process. She teaches yoga to share this gift and help others to feel better in the life they lead. She wants her students to work for the sense of pride they feel for even the smallest of shifts. She is forever grateful for the knowledge and strength she gained thanks to her teachers Lynn Begier, Ryan Cunningham and Renee LeBlanc during her yoga teacher training.

Casey’s most proud moment was leaving her corporate job to teach yoga full-time. Something people would be surprised to know about her is the reason behind her (self-described) raspy voice. She says, “I am often asked about it and I never knew why I sounded this way – until a few years ago. Turns out my left vocal cord doesn’t move! Never has, never will.” If she could have a magic power, it would be the ability to transform anxiety, fear, and stress—even if only temporarily. “We need those emotions to a certain degree, but to experience and feel what is possible when you have no fear or reservation is a very powerful thing.”

Micaela Donatio

Micaela has always been someone devoted to working out and fitness. Having danced since the age of three and also playing volleyball at the collegiate level, physical health has always been a part of her life. After taking many fitness classes she decided the next step was to become the instructor and inspire others the way so many instructors and coaches inspired her!

People would be surprised to know that Micaela is a junkie of classic movies. She says, “Since I was little, we’ve always had family movie nights! I can easily recite Titanic (both Rose and Jack’s part) verbatim”. Micaela can also sing every song from The Sound of Music with ease and of course can act out the entire movie Dirty Dancing.

Her family and friends have always called her Mickey D. Her favorite color is blue (“to match my eyes of course!”).

Elyse Familant

Raised primarily in Florida, Elyse has had a love of sports and fitness since she was a child. While in school she participated in swim team, dance club, cheerleading and track. At 12, Elyse took her first aerobics class and discovered her true calling. When she was 16, she started teaching aerobics classes on a part time basis and has been going strong for over 25 years. During her fitness career, she has come to specialize in Pilates, Yoga, Core Training and Spinning. Some of Elyse’s certifications include, AFAA, ACE, Piyo, Stott Pilates, Kripalu yoga and more. Always striving to inspire, Elyse strives to make every class a complete one that combines the fusion of exercises with motivating music, spirit and energy. Elyse lives in North Andover with her husband and two children.

Her favorite color is purple! The TV character she most identifies with is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) on Scandal because “Olivia is known as the fixer. She fixes problems, people, and the biggest scandals. Yet she does it all very invisibly so that nobody realizes she is behind it all. “I see myself as the fixer in many aspects of my life-my family, my household and my PR work. The best result is when everything around me is fixed and the happy parties think it was all them. I just smile in the background.”
The magic power she wishes she had would be the power to heal. She would love to be able to heal her kids’ injuries like broken bones and torn ACLs, and to ease the pain of loved ones like her mother who is suffering in chronic pain.

Tracey Hall

As a married mother of 3 boys and a schoolteacher in North Andover, MA, Tracey first discovered Zumba in 2010 and found it to be the most fun way to work out! IN 2012, she decided to receive her own license to teach, so she could share her love of dance, music AND people with others. For Tracey, helping others who enjoy moving to music to feel more fit, free and fabulous is a dream come true!

It may surprise people to know that Tracey has social anxiety! Her favorite color is either red or pink. Tracey’s favorite kids’ book is the Harry Potter Series – she says she’s a HUGE fan! Her dream magic power would be the power to heal physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

Victoria Martin

Victoria is currently a senior at Haverhill High School. She has been dancing for almost 16 years; it is her passion along with skiing and music. Victoria hopes to attend University of Vermont to study psychology and writing.

Victoria’s favorite is green because it is natural and beautiful. Victoria’s favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. Her favorite movie is La La Land and her favorite book is “You Are a Badass” by Jen Cincero. A special thing about Victoria is that she loves to sing and play piano.

Seth Monk

Seth is an Andover native who spent 8 years in a monastery as a Buddhist monk and a further 2 years practicing in India and Australia. Currently Seth teaches meditation and mindfulness in schools, leads Educators Retreats, and holds meditation classes throughout New England. Bring a cushion and join Seth, for a weekly dip into meditative peace. For beginner and advanced level

Seth likes the vibe of purple, very crown-chakra, his favorite super hero is The Buddha because he had amazing superpowers and they helped us all! His favorite book is The Celestine Prophecy, and his favorite movie is Good Will Hunting. Something you may not know about Seth is that he loves to cook!

Julie Parsons

As a schoolteacher and cross country coach, Julie was looking for a complement to her running routine and schedule. In 2010, she tagged along with a friend to try her first yoga class. She found that yoga improved her flexibility and life balance. Over the next few years, she decided to try more group X classes and fell in love with barre and strength classes. In 2015 she discovered PiYo– a FUN fusion of fluid movement, Pilates inspired toning, and yoga stretch. When the opportunity to instruct presented itself she took it! She is AFAA certified, trained in PiYo, and will be obtaining her barre certification in January 2017.

Something people would be surprised to know about Julie is that even though she HATES heights, she has been skydiving before (on Cape Cod)! Her favorite color is pink, or anything neon. Her nicknames are Jules and Jule. She loves to run, so much that she occasionally does road races! She is also a girls’ cross-country assistant coach.

Taylor Semenetz

Taylor is a current student at Northern Essex Community College studying psychology, in hopes to someday become a therapist. In her spare time, she enjoys reading graphic novels, taking photos with her camera, and drawing. She also is a lover of animals and has volunteered at the MSPCA numerous times, caring for the dogs there while also caring for her own boxer at home!

Taylor’s favorite color is lavender because it’s soothing. She identifies best with Spiderman because he’s a huge nerd who freaks out whenever something cool happens around him, even if he is a superhero. Taylor’s favorite book is Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, who also wrote the book Fight Club which is her favorite movie. Her proudest moment was being invited to national leader’s club at her school for a high GPA.

Pam Silevitch

Pam’s favorite color is blue.

Her nickname is Pammy, and her favorite kids’ book is The Giving Tree!

Mercedes Spindler

Mercedes’ proudest moments were her children’s college graduations. A surprising fact about her is that she has run the Boston Marathon! Her favorite color is red, and her nickname is Quica. If Mercedes could have one magic power, it would be the ability to grant wishes.

Miki Strempfer

Miki started street style dancing when she was 16. She trained in New York City and has choreographed and taught Hip-Hop to children and adults in Japan. Miki started teaching Hip-Hop Party Dance Fitness in 2012.

Miki’s most proud moment is when she sees her students dancing with big smiles and confidence. It makes her proud of herself AND her students! She also performed in “so many recitals” in her past, and each one has made her proud.

Miki’s favorite color is orange! The superhero she most identifies with is Spider Man. Her favorite kids’ book is the Harry Potter series. If Miki could have a magic power, it would be to fly so that she could fly to Japan to see her family anytime she wanted to!

Leo Surun

Being relatively new to the professional fitness industry, Leo likes to think of himself as still learning and strives to improve and grow every day. His favorite way to burn calories is with Caribbean Rhythms Dance Workout – where he manages to keep the energy high and the environment fun while dancing to traditional Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Gaga, Soca, Zouk and many more.

Leo’s proudest moment was landing his dream job after five years of applying to work for JetBlue! People would be surprised to know that horoscope and spiritual reading, as well as traveling around the world, are among his interests. His favorite color is brown, and his nicknames are Lalo, Sofrito, and Godfather! Leo can identify with many superheroes, but Wolverine is probably his true spirit hero. If he could have one magic power, it would be to turn back time because he “just would like to hug my dad and tell him how much I miss him and love him.” Leo describes himself as a person who likes to make people smile and be happy, no matter what life throws at him. Music moves his soul!

Dawn Tiorano

Dawn is a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. She currently teaches Spin, POUND, PILOXING, Kickboxing and boot-camp-style Tabata classes. Dawn is an avid dancer, gymnast and runner, who has competed in numerous races, including half marathons that support Autism Awareness.

Dawn’s most proud moment—although she says “it is hard to pick just one!”—is becoming a wife and a mom to her three kids, which keeps her feeling proud each and every day! Something people would be surprised to know about Dawn is that she is actually her own worst critic. She is very hard on herself! Her favorite color is purple. If she could have a magic power, she would love the ability to be in more than one place at once!

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